Vehicle Management Technologies

IAA LogisticsTM  ensures optimal control and maximum efficiency in the vehicle delivery services.



INFORM Transport Management System (TMS) was developed by leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital decision-making specialist, INFORM-software. Utilising intelligent process optimisation logic and map data, the system delivers significant benefits to IAA, as well as our UK customers, and their policyholders – these include:

  • Improved route and load planning
  • Optimised load sequencing
  • Calculation and tracking of arrival times
  • Shortened collection routes
  • Collection progress tracking and problem/obstruction alerts
  • Tracking of truck location and ETA updating/alerting
  • Efficient SLA achievement

INFORM was established in Aachen, Germany in 1969 and has over 1,000 customers in 40 countries across the globe.

Tow App

IAA Tow  App™

INFORM TMS links with IAA Tow App technology to enable real-time tracking and visibility, benefits include:

  • Real-time status updates and tracking
  • Instruction and assignment
  • Scheduling
  • Collection condition reports
  • Vehicle images
  • Geo-location tracking
  • Confirmation of Vehicle arrival
  • Tracking of vehicle condition at pick up and drop off




Vehicle Check-in

The OnYard system accelerates vehicle check-in and provides you with transparent real-time information. On arrival at IAA locations, vehicle identity is confirmed and validated within the OnYard system against data captured via driver PDA at collection. High-quality images are taken via OnYard device to authenticate damage levels and to record IAA operative details and arrival date and time. Images are uploaded into the VISion Salvage Management System within 15 minutes of arrival on-site giving you full visibility via the IAA Seller Portal™.