IAA Technology & Auction Platform

IAA’s global technology platform is a suite of products designed specifically to streamline the life cycle of a salvage vehicle – and it is now available to our UK customers.

Working closely with key insurance clients and listening to their individual service requirements our unique platform was launched in 2014 and continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Information tracking, visibility, and tighter workflows are key in operational streamlining to gain efficiencies. Our global technology platform offers a full range of services and technology covering all aspects of processing a vehicle quickly and efficiently, including instruction, salvage valuations for total-loss determination, IAA VISionTM – auction management software and IAA Tow AppTM.

For faster, more efficient processing our technology supports streamlined salvage management solutions through APIs and SLA based workflow designed to reduce cycle time and costs for insurers.

We are continuously innovating our auction technology to accelerate the sale process while maximising returns. Our auction model allows buyers to access inventory quickly and efficiently through advanced search, bid, and buy functionality. Our new user-friendly auction platform works on all devices ensuring our buyers do not miss the opportunity to bid. Unmatchable vehicle merchandising, best-in-class imagery, and the ability to extend auctions ensures IAA gets the optimal economic return on your salvage. New features include:

  • A new modern website interface
  • Digital auction platform
  • A comprehensive dashboard
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Featured vehicle capabilities
  • Latest news and announcements
  • Clear and accurate images, giving buyers greater confidence to bid
  • Auction listings of up to seven days for higher-value units