IAA Seller Portal™

Our technology transformation programme includes the launch in the UK of the IAA Seller Portal which replaces the Launchpad system. Seller Portal delivers a step-change in inventory management and performance analysis of your total-loss portfolio. Some of the features that we think you’ll find valuable include:

Customisable Dashboard

The new dashboard is totally customisable and gives you complete visibility throughout the cycle from initial instruction, through the sale, and on to payment. New functionality includes the ability to search for a vehicle using VIN number and your reference, as well as vehicle registration and IAA reference.

New Instruction Form

A new and more robust instruction form allows you to provide us with more information including accident circumstances, areas of damage, and vehicle location. There’s also the ability to upload documents such as V5s and other vehicle documentation.

Active Inventory Management

Active inventory management reduces cycle times by providing you with real-time performance analysis and management information on the status of your inventory at every stage of the salvage process from instruction to payment.

B2B Interface

The B2B interface allows two-way communication of data for our customers via the new dashboard and includes real-time notes feature.