UK Logistics Upgrade

IAA’s technology modernisation programme continues in the UK with the implementation of INFORM Transport Management System (TMS) and IAA Tow App™.  These investments deliver a step-change in IAA’s logistics capacity and operational performance in the United Kingdom.


INFORM Transport Management System (TMS) was developed by leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital decision-making specialist, INFORM-software. Utilising intelligent process optimisation logic and map data, the system delivers significant benefits to IAA, as well as our
UK customers, and their policyholders – these include:

  • Improved route and load planning
  • Optimised load sequencing
  • Calculation and tracking of arrival times
  • Shortened collection routes
  • Collection progress tracking and problem/obstruction alerts
  • Tracking of truck location and ETA updating/alerting
  • Efficient SLA achievement

INFORM was established in Aachen, Germany in 1969 and has over 1,000 customers in 40 countries across the globe.

Tow App

IAA Tow  App™

INFORM TMS links with IAA Tow App technology to enable real-time tracking and visibility, benefits include:

  • Real-time status updates and tracking
  • Instruction and assignment
  • Scheduling
  • Collection condition reports
  • Vehicle images
  • Geo-location tracking
  • Confirmation of Vehicle arrival
  • Tracking of vehicle condition at pick up and drop off




The logistics upgrade delivers operational efficiencies and further improves the service IAA can provide to our customers – including access to real-time information and greater control. Most importantly, it supports significant expansion of IAA’s capacity in the UK.