Apr 27

Technology Investments Continue to Streamline Buyer Experience

Strategic modernisation efforts and important investments fuel our goal of being the agile, technology-focused partner for the UK market. We implemented artificial intelligence-based INFORM Transportation Management System (TMS) in August 2020, then invested in a larger vehicle transporter fleet in December to add more efficiency. Both efforts gave us the ability to expand our IAA Delivery Service™ to save more of our customers significant time and money. 

Delivery Service leverages artificial intelligence and digital decision-making from the INFORM TMS that streamlines inventory, logistics, transportation and more to create operating efficiencies and transparency for our customers. The recent expansion of our vehicle transporter fleet further supports enhanced Delivery Service with multi-vehicle transporters that increase our delivery capacity. 

Now expanded, IAA Delivery Service provides vehicle delivery anywhere on the UK mainland. It helps IAA branches to offer a single-service experience, from purchase to delivery to the buyers’ chosen location. This limits fuel and transportation costs, including discounts for bulk deliveries. 

Expanding Delivery Service greatly improves the service we offer customers, allowing for a seamless buying experience from purchase to delivery. This is just the latest step within our technology modernisation and investment programme. We continue to strengthen our commitment to providing valuable and efficient solutions for salvage in the UK. Innovation is part of our culture, and you can expect more soon.