Apr 26

Projects Advance Through UK Investment and Expansion Programmes 

Our UK investment and expansion programmes are now very advanced, and we continue to build capacity to better serve the UK market. In this newsletter I want to share some of the projects we’re undertaking outside the technology space. 

Expanding our locations will provide customers with more modern facilities and greater capacity, plus our investment to expand our transportation fleet is bringing more efficient vehicle collection and delivery service across the UK mainland. 

Hixon Site Expansion

The recent enlargement of the IAA Hixon branch is just the first step in our programme of land expansion in the UK.  

Hixon’s capacity has increased by 30% and – along with the new locations we have in the pipeline – will help to accommodate growing customer demand and reduce transportation times and costs. 

New Head Office

I am delighted to announce we will be opening our new head office this summer.  We aren’t moving far and we’re looking forward to inviting you to come and see us, and to learn more about IAA and how we can help you achieve better salvage returns.  

Transportation Fleet Expansion

This is a significant milestone in our UK investment programme. Our new fleet of multi-car transporters can carry up to seven vehicles at a time, while our new two-car transporters allow us to manage challenging urban collections, with restricted access, without the need to deploy sub-contractors. 

Alongside this, we’ve rolled out the INFORM Transportation Management System (TMS) which links with the IAA Tow App™. The software leverages artificial intelligence and digital decision-making to streamline inventory, scheduling and transportation to deliver greater efficiencies and even better SLA achievement. 

We also recently enhanced our IAA Delivery Service. Buyers can now have vehicles delivered from IAA branches to the location of their choice, which generates significant savings on fuel and other transportation costs. These collective investments in transportation give buyers a more efficient and cost-effective option for vehicle delivery service across the UK mainland.

That’s all from me for now. You’ll receive more updates soon as we continue our UK investment and expansion programmes.