Apr 08

IAA AuctionNow™ Becomes Primary Auction Platform in the UK 

It’s hard to believe that we are a full year into our UK technology modernisation programme. We’ve achieved so much in that time and I’m delighted that IAA’s ground-breaking innovations and new digital tools continue to reshape the UK salvage market.  

In this newsletter I want to update you on two of our most recent innovations – IAA AuctionNow™ and IAA 360 View™. 

IAA AuctionNow™ Update

We launched AuctionNow at the end of January and we could not be happier at how quickly our UK buyers have adopted the real-time digital auction platform. AuctionNow has quickly become our buyers’ preferred model and it’s been so successful that we’re now making it our primary auction platform here in the UK.  

All vehicles will now be offered for sale exclusively on AuctionNow. This advanced and exclusive auction platform offers enhanced bidding features allowing buyers to speed up the bidding process, while improved visual and audio signals creates a more competitive, true bidding experiences that drives significantly higher sale proceeds. 

As I‘ve said before, at IAA we look at salvage differently and AuctionNow is transforming the salvage auction experience while creating real value for our customers. 

IAA 360 View™ Update 

I also want to update you on the success of 360 View and the advanced technology that powers it – again demonstrating that at IAA, we look at salvage differently. 

360 View is much more than a simple “walkaround” video – it’s a totally immersive virtual-reality experience and as close as possible to being physically present with the vehicle. 360 View is delivered through our exclusive partnership with Spincar® – the advanced technology is faster than other vehicle imaging solutions enabling IAA to merchandise more than 55% of our inventory with 360 View – dramatically higher than any other salvage provider. 

Another advantage of SpinCar® technology is that navigation is significantly faster, smoother and simpler than other vehicle imaging solutions. This means buyers actually use the tool, have greater engagement with vehicle inventory and, most importantly, bid and buy more often. 

Coupled with recently launched digital auction tools IAA Engine Starts™ and IAA Key Image™, we are genuinely offering buyers a better auction experience and a more transparent buying environment.  

That’s all from me for now, we have a lot more in the pipeline and I’ll be in touch again soon.