Mar 15

New Digital Tools Enhance IAA Interact Plus Global Buyer Expansion

Client Newsletter 16 March 21

We have accomplished a tremendous amount in the first two and a half months of 2021, and the most rewarding aspect has been the positive feedback we’ve received from our customers.

Launching IAA AuctionNow™ in January provided our UK buyers with a real-time digital auction platform and true bidding experience. Earlier this month, we released two more innovative digital tools — adding to the previous release of IAA 360 View™ — that further expanded our revolutionary e-commerce platform as we continue building upon IAA’s leadership in vehicle merchandising.

IAA Interact Update

Rollouts for IAA Engine Starts™ and IAA Key Image™ are complete across all sites, adding additional tools to the IAA Interact™ platform for UK customers.

Engine Starts is a 10-second video with an under-the-bonnet view and full sound that allows buyers to assess the engine for every vehicle that starts. This is part of our 55-point condition report which ensures that we give buyers critical information on an engine’s condition.

Key Image is a simple, yet important addition that shows buyers that a key(s) or fob is present and helps to determine a vehicle’s value. Buyers appreciate this type of detail and can bid more confidently with all the necessary information. Learn more about IAA Interact.

IAA Interact

Global Buyer Update

Our Global Buyer Development team continues growing our buyer base around the world. This results in exposing our UK inventory to IAA’s global community which is yet another an exciting development. Buyers across the world trust IAA and value how our customer service is committed to helping them.

To further engage buyers and continue growing the global community, we are hosting virtual live webinars in multiple countries. “IAA LIVE! An Evening with IAA” gives buyers insight into our operations and how we can help them purchase vehicles available around the world that fit their needs.

Hixon site expansion

This year, IAA is significantly growing our UK storage capacity, starting with a 35% expansion to our Hixon site in Staffordshire. This additional acreage becomes operational in April and is the first step in a major programme of increased capacity and new site locations in the UK. There is more to come on this, so watch this space for updates.

COVID update

The government has confirmed the roadmap for easing the current lockdown restrictions, with the aspiration of a return to near-normal working conditions in the summer. As an essential business, IAA continues operations, and our UK storage sites remain open. However, to protect our colleagues and our buyers during the remaining lockdown period, IAA has ended viewing days, stopped cash payments, and restricted buyer access at all sites.