Mar 11

Expanding IAA Interact™ Merchandising Platform

Our unique view of the industry is the driving force behind the innovative products and solutions we provide our customers, and the reason we are the pioneer in salvage merchandising and e-commerce. We were the first to launch a digital merchandising platform in the UK with IAA Interact™, which directly supports the release of IAA AuctionNow™, our exclusive and U.S. Patented real-time auction platform. Now, we are proud to launch two new tools to the Interact platform for UK buyers – IAA Engine Starts™ and IAA Key Image™. 

Our goal is to provide buyers with digital resources and critical information so they can bid and purchase confidently, while maximising returns for sellers. Engine Starts is a 10-second video with full sound and an under-the-bonnet view of a vehicle’s engine while it runs. This gives buyers important vehicle information and is another unique tool for vehicle assessment. Key Image shows buyers the type and condition of a vehicle’s fob or key(s) using high-quality photos. 

These new tools featured within the Interact platform, along with IAA 360 View™, further show how we are utilising technology across our global business. IAA is creating a unique, engaging, and efficient buyer experience that closely resembles physical viewing the vehicles in our inventory. 

IAA looks at salvage differently, innovation is in our DNA and continuous improvement is at the core of our culture. In a rapidly growing digital landscape, we provide our customers with the tools and information to help them succeed. This fast-paced digital world requires constant innovation – Engine Starts and Key Image are the latest solutions for our UK customers, and there is plenty more to come.