Feb 24

IAA Announces Two New Interact Enhancements Available for UK Buyers

IAA Client Newsletter 23 February 2021

We were out of the blocks quickly this year with the roll-out of IAA AuctionNow™ in January. The response from our buyers to this real-time, on-line auction (and true bidding experience) has been 100% positive and we’re delighted with that.

We’re expecting the same positive response to IAA Engine Starts™ and IAA Key Image™ as we roll these out in the UK. Both new digital tools are part of the revolutionary IAA Interact™ merchandising platform. 

IAA Interact Merchandising Platform  

As I’ve said before, at IAA we look at salvage differently and Interact is critical to this way of thinking. With Interact, we’ve taken the best e-commerce principles (often from unrelated categories) and deployed them to the salvage auction process. Interact gives our buyers a better experience by providing unmatchable visuals and imagery, detailed information and personalised content. The launch of these two exciting new digital tools further builds the value and distinctiveness of Interact

IAA Engine Starts™

We’re really excited about this innovation as it builds on the launch of IAA 360 View to create a virtual reality experience. We think it’s as close as possible to physically walking around the vehicle and invaluable in our current trading environment. Engine Starts is a 10-second under-the bonnet video with full sound, it allows buyers to assess the engine’s condition while it’s running. The videos are available directly on individual Vehicle Detail Pages.  

IAA Key Image™

Key Image is another great tool for our buyers, along with High Resolution images of the interior and exterior, each vehicle is now merchandised with a high-quality image of the key or fob which of course reassures the buyer. 

At IAA we have a vast programme of technology launches and innovations in the pipeline as we seek to transform salvage management in the UK. That’s everything from me for now, thanks for taking the time to read this update. If you want to learn more about IAA and how we can help you achieve your objectives please contact us on marketinguk@iaai.com.

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