Dec 10

IAA Innovates Beyond Technology

IAA Perspectives

What does innovation truly mean? At IAA, it means more than just new ideas – it means developing those ideas into solutions our customers want and need. But true innovation is not only providing those solutions, it is building them to deliver efficiency and effectiveness long-term in an ever-evolving digital world.

Anyone can say they’re committed to innovation – a term that has become a casual buzzword rather than a standard to which one is held. However, for nearly 40 years we’ve proven that IAA’s appetite for innovation is limitless. We’ve become the global technology leader in the salvage industry, assembling a group of curious minds, connecting vehicle buyers and sellers through a digital marketplace, and revolutionising the industry through innovation and technology.

Innovative First in Tech

IAA has launched more products, services, and technology innovations than any other company in the salvage industry. Innovation is central to IAA’s culture, and a critical factor in the transformation of our UK business. In just a few short months, we’ve completed the implementation of our digital platform connecting UK vehicle buyers and sellers to our global marketplace. We’ve launched completely reimagined portals and introduced new levels of merchandising excellence to the market – including our exclusive IAA 360 View™. These are the first steps in a technology investment program, and are key to delivering the best customer experience, faster sales cycles, and better financial returns for our UK customers. 

Innovation is fundamental to the way we work at IAA – to maintain our technology leadership we’ve committed an entire team of dedicated people solely to expand our innovation program. We’ve created an ideation and development centre in partnership with 1871 – the largest tech incubator in the US. Our innovation lab at 1871, IAA Engine House, allows IAA team members to collaborate with educators, investors, mentors, technologists, and innovators. IAA Engine House serves as an innovation hub where we cultivate new ideas into full-fledged products and solutions for our customers. 

IAA Engine House

Ultimately, it’s our customers who determine the success of our solutions. It was our customers who provided the insight and feedback that inspired IAA to transform vehicle merchandising. Their requirements and desire for better vehicle imaging, in-depth information, and personalised content powered the creation of IAA Interact – our exclusive merchandising platform that enables buyers to make informed and confident purchase decisions.

At IAA, we look at salvage differently. Our vision and appetite for innovation and technological change has produced exciting new solutions and created real value in the US salvage market. We are enormously proud to bring those new ideas and choices to the UK. Our goal is to be a partner that is valued for the innovation, new thinking, and creativity we bring to the UK salvage market. We aim to maintain our technology leadership.

We have many more new ideas and products in development, and we’re confident our UK customers will benefit from working with IAA now and in the future.