Nov 19

Investment and Innovation

Hello again everyone and welcome to our second IAA newsletter for the UK. In this issue I want to start by taking another look at our IAA Interact™ Merchandising Platform and two new features we’re rolling out in the UK soon – IAA Engine Start™ and SpinCar® FeatureTour®. 

Also coming to the UK is a brilliant innovation called FeatureTour® from our partners at SpinCar® – this enhances our recently launched IAA 360 View™ and expands IAA’s industry-leading merchandising platform.  

FeatureTour® links with SpinCar’s cloud-based platform and database of manufacturer-endorsed multi-media content. It provides our buyers with instant access to original features and options in easy-to-understand videos, graphics, and content. Through this new tool, buyers can easily and quickly identify value-added features and options and make more confident and informed purchase decisions.  

Finally, from me on this occasion, we’re now selling vehicles to buyers from around the world and I’ve asked IAA’s Vice President of Global Business Development, Dan Oscarson, to tell you a little about our global buyer development. 

Connecting with Vehicle Buyers across The Globe

Dan Oscarson, Vice President of Global Business Development 

We’re really happy to be opening up our UK inventory to IAA’s global buyer community in over 170 countries across the world. Demand for vehicles in developing countries is increasing rapidly. We’ve seen substantial growth in our global buyer base and a corresponding increase in the number of vehicles exported.  

Buyers across the world see IAA as a vehicle supplier they can depend on and our vehicles are in high demand for several reasons. First, buyers trust the cars they buy from IAA. They appreciate our transparency, the extensive vehicle information we provide and the user-friendly imaging on IAA auction sites. In particular, they love our merchandising innovations such as IAA 360 View™ and IAA Engine Start™. Secondly, vehicles built to UK specifications usually include more options, safety features and upgrades than vehicles built for foreign markets and that makes them valuable to our international buyers.  

At country level, we work with local partners through the IAA Marketing Alliance and they value our customer support services and our commitment to them – through in-country visits and seminars for example. We provide support in thirteen languages and deliver social media and digital advertising in local languages with country-specific content.